incendia partners   technical staffing

With over 50 years of combined experience we not only know the industry, we have the contacts to help you succeed faster.  If you are under deadline, or understaffed, we will help you get on track quickly.

We provide search and placement for your full-time staffing needs and we provide contractors that are available on short-term, long-term, or a project basis.  If you have a staffing need, contact us today and we'll fill that need tomorrow.

We assure that our clients find the right people, and that our people find the right opportunities.

We are committed to building strong relationships:

  • Our candidates are highly skilled, experienced, and carefully matched to your organization's needs. 

  • When we submit a candidate, that candidate has been qualified technically, with verified references, and is available for your position immediately.

We get to know our clients and our candidates:

  • We will get you the help you need to solve your resource issues.

  • Because we carefully screen every candidate, your valuable time is saved.

Our Senior Management team, as well as our Consultants have a solid foundation in the business issues, technology, and skills required for companies to be successful.

Our knowledge, coupled with our experience, enables our client companies to acquire resources that will give them an advantage in the Market Place.


Software Engineering

Software QA

Web Development

Database Development

Database Administration

Project Management

Business Systems Analyst

Business Analyst

Technical Writers

Desktop Support